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Default Re: Re: any love stories from teens on a cruise?

I went on EOS (Royal Carribbean) this past August. I went to the inital "meeting ppl" thing at the teen club and I saw this really hot tall guy. I introduced myself and found out he was from the same state I was from. We ended up having our first kiss a few hours later and kind of became what I'm told is called a "cruise couple". After the end of the cruise we stayed in touch. He had a girl from his town that he liked as I had a guy near me, but i still really liked him. We ended up deciding to give the "long distance thing" (2 hours) a try and we have been going out since the end of thats almost 3 months now! so thats my story......but i'm guessing most people wont find love or anything like that. Just have fun and mingle with lots of different people. You will have a blast! : )
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