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Default Re: any love stories from teens on a cruise?

i have been on 7 cruises and last yr i went on the voyager! i saw this guy who i thought was soo incredibly cute! yet, he ignored me becuz i was "too young" at the time i was 14! he looked about 18! so i didn't bother and then the vacation was over. I thought about him for months after! not having his e-mail so there was no way we could keep in touch! Then, this yr... i went on a diff. cruise ship at the same time... the first night i was in the jacuzzi and i saw this REALLY CUTE! guy.. i called him over, talking to him he looked sooo familar, my sister noticing that too! we asked him and SURE ENOUGH! it was him!!! i was soo excited we hung out the first three nightS! this time he came to my room every night wanting me to hang out... and waking me up in the mornings! but, we didn't get too close.............
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