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Default Re: any love stories from teens on a cruise?

Last summer we went to Alaska. I am a grandmother who took my two teen grandchildren on their first cruise. My grand-daughter who is 15yrs. old and looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt look a like had a great time. She was very secretive and has a boyfriend so I am not sure if she met anyone.

BUT, there was a 16yr.old boy who had a major crush on her. His mother and I made friends and she asked me if I would tell my grand-daughter that her son had a crush on her. I said, "NO", because it was easy to tell he really liked her. We could all tell he really liked her.

On the train ride from Seward to Anchorage, a lady who sat with us told us that the boy chasing after my grand-daughter had tried to hit on her. She told him she was old enough to be his mother. We all laughed and my grandchildren looked shocked at this information. When we arrived in Anchorage, the boy was waiting to talk to my grand-daughter but when he saw the Lady he turned around and left because he knew she had told us her experience with him. We never saw him again.

The Lady told us another story. She said that my grand-daughter had an admirer who was too shy to talk to her or approach her. The Lady would hear them saying what a FOX my grand-daughter was. He would try to get enough courage to approach her but then she would leave the area and he would miss out in talking to her. It happened several times.

We are going back to Alaska this summer again. I hope those two boys are on the cruise and get up the nerve to talk to my grand-daughter. So, I hope some of you learn the lesson of talking to people you may be attracted to. You may gain a friend on the ship and enjoy the cruise more. SEA YOU!!
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