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Default Re: Re: Funniest Cruise Moment

umm...yea getting stuck in an elevator is not fun. I hav a first account on that one. We were getting in and some ppl were scared because its made noise before so ppl were standing the doors waiting for ppl to get in or out and then the elevator started beeping. so the doors start closing and even if ur in the way theyre still closing. So me and lik 6 other ppl get stuck because wen the doors were closed we started to move but gordy forced the doors open and we were between floors...everyone started to panic and scream. so they get on the phone and there lik were stuck and then ppl on the outside are screaming and laughing cuz were stuck and then we cant hear the person on the phone. and then finally after lik 5-10 mins we started to move. It was actually fun cuz u always see that stuff in the movies and u think about ppl coming and then ud hav to climb out of the top...but after that everyone stuck to the stairs.
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