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Default Re: Re: Funniest Cruise Moment

I guess this kind of ties in for a funniest cruise moment for my friends, but most embaressing for me. Spring break '03 on Carnival Fantasy my best friend and I come walking down these steps in our tiny stilleto heels, trying to look all hot when we spy this HUGE school group from Philidelphia. The majority of them were black, wearing matching white t-shirts and of course tons of chains, and when they saw us coming they all started giving us those one-liners, so while i try to look extra cool and unconcerned I missed the last step and tumbled to the ground onto my stomach. Of course they all proceeded to crack up as if they had just seen the most hilarious thing in the world, and point at me on the floor while I wanted to crawl under the carpet and die. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been trying to look all suave, if my best friend hadn't left me while she ran down the next flight of stairs laughing her ass off, and if it hadn't been the first night of the cruise, so I had to see these people again and I KNEW they remembered. After it was all done with though, the whole situation did seem pretty funny.
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