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Default Re: what do you wear to the teen clubs at night?

Well i just got back from the Voyager, and on the first night, like no one was there, i guess recovering from the travel. And i aswell just enjoy dressing up in clubbing clothes. But on like the casual nights, if i was to where like a sundress or something i might where that dancing. There were some girls that would always where their dinner clothes (except on formal nights) and some that would pretty much where pool wear, (like cotton shorts and a tank top) so wear whatever. Guys usually wear like jeans and a nice like polo or t-shirt. (wouldnt be nice to be a guy) But some nights just werent as fun.... on my boat they had a 60's night and a latin night, just a watch out, its all ages.... i was surprised to see like 50year old men just standing around, but there are plenty of teens too. Have fun, and party as late as possible, your only there for a week, and its VACATION!!!
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