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Default Re: best cruise stories

It was the last night on the Enchantment and most everyone was drunk but a few of us. 2 guys, my friend, and I went to the solarium so they could eat. One guy was drunk and the other wasn't. The 2 guys got their food and we all sat down and started talking. The drunk guy forgot his drink so he took mine and drank it. We were sitting there and all of a sudden he started coughing and spit up a french frie with ketchup on it. lol The people next to us said "Wow...that was attractive" lol After he ate his burger and fries he was like "I wanna another one" so he got his drunk butt up and walked over there to get some more food. When he came back he was like "Wow..they had the food waiting on me they knew I would come back" lol So we waited for him to eat. While they were eating the non drunk guy started talking and then the other guy started talking too. The two acted as if hte other one wasn't even talking at the same time. It was soo funny. So after we ate we all walked out of hte Solarium and the drunk guy picked a flower leaf for me and my friend. We told him thanks and he went and picked up the whole flower and carried it across the whole solaurium. Then before we left he just put it on the table adn walked out as if nothing had happened. lol It was great watching all the drunk people that night.
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