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Default Price Drop Shipboard Credit

We are booked on the Miracle for June 19. We booked a cat 8A GTY for 2. My siser in laws family booked a Cat 11 for 4. I went to the carnival website today and noticed a price drop. I called the booking agent at the cruise agency and informed her of the price drop and asked her to get us all shipboard credit. She said she would call carnival and see what she could do. She called me back 15 minutes later with a $150 shipboard credit for my cabin and a $400 shipboard credit for my sister in laws cabin.

She was kinda surprise by my call at first but I knew this could be done and she knew I knew it. See how important it is to view prices even after booking a cruise? I have no doubt in my mind that she would not have called me to tell me the price dropped and would we like shipboard credit. These are things u have to do for yourself. I am sure there are some TA out there that do do this I have yet to find one for myself. If i could she or he would be my TA for life.

So i encourange everyone to keep watching those prices.
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