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Default Surprising someone with the gift of a cruise

Anyone have any good stories of how you surprised someone by giving them a gift of a cruise? I came up with a cute way and thought I would share to give some people some ideas.

I'm 21 and my bf is 22, we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary and for our anniversary I gave him the great gift of a cruise for the 2 of us. He took me to dinner and from there I blindfolded him and drove his car to a nearby beach (we live on lake Erie) there is one spot that has a waterfall. I parked the car and took his had and guided him down a flight of stairs that ends on a small concreate platform. I layed a blanket down, took a tap light (candles would have blown out) 2 champaign glasses and my walkman that had mini speakers playing Ella Fitzgerald's "Isn't it romantic" I took the blindfold off and presented him is gift. The way I "wrapped" the card that said we were going on a cruise was, I put it in a blue bottle with a cork (got it at a craft store) and placed it inside a childs sand buket filled with sand. On top of the sand was an assortment of seashells that were also placed thruout the sand. also a wooden palm tree and sail boat that I hand painted. He had to dig thru the sand and find the seashells. on each seashell I had pained a letter and color coded them (Blue letters, orange letters and so on) The blue letters spelled out ARUBA the orange BARBADOS so he then had to unscramble them. at the very bottom of the bucket I had a seashell that had the map of the itenerary that I cut from the carnival book and glued on the shell. I helped him with the unscrabling and also sifting thru the sand. I figured this was a very original way to present a gift of a cruise other than in an envalope.

also, with the hand painted palm tree, I painted one for myself as well, I'm going to go to Michaels and get a wooden craft picture from, glue the palm tree to it and put a picture of us from the cruise.

Sorry this was such a long post, I would love to hear other stories
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