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Default Group Cruising?

Any ideas other than walkie talkies for keeping in touch with the members of your group while on the ship? We're going for the first time with relatives on the Inspiration May 30. There's 8 of us in all so its not a huge group but I'm not crazy about using walkie talkies. We tried that at Disney once and there were just too many ppl using them and you could receive their communications along with ours. Thought about using the post-its notes but not crazy about going back to the cabins every time we want to do something to see if we can find the others in our group are and then find them to see if they'll join us (with my luck my husband will get to the cabin and want to stay there and take a nap).
Am I worring about this too much? Maybe its better to just do our own thing and then meet up for dinner? Any experience with this? Any suggestions would be great!
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