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Default Re: Re: Teens Drinking Illegally

Hmmm...after going back and reading all that, I must disagree with most of you. Although it will probably throw that most of you into a hissy fit considering what else you wrote...

Not being allowed to drink until a certain age is reasonable, which is why there is a law for it. I understand that on cruises it doesn't seem like it would do much harm...maybe a drink or two? Or how about vigin drinks? My parents don't care if I get virgin daquiris, pina coladas, or whatnot.

I understand about leaving the people who are drinking alone, Snicks Guy...maybe ask them why they are drinking, or tell them it would be better if they weren't and wait to see if they do it again? Plus, there are cameras all over the ship, especially in the teen clubs. Oh, and for who to tell, since you are a teen, tell the counselor person.

As to Snicks Guy being an adult--I'm sure you will say that of me, but, not so, even if you don't believe me. I was born on Sept. 14, 1989.

Another point--those of you who are scorning such...well, advice? not quite...are precisely the ones doing such things. Anyone doing this on a regular basis probably isn't a very mature matter what they think. A few unsavory characters I know rise to mind...

Okay, who wants or especially needs alchohol? If you are a teen, or younger, the former isn't very good, and the latter isn't normal.
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