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Default Re: illegal substaces?

It's not legal period so why would you even come one these boards and ask such a question to other cruisers. No one on here should even tell you that its ok. Seems like you are looking for someone to say "hey, yeah I did it and didn't get caught". Well if "your friend" is on my cruise and I smell it I'll be the first one to turn he or she in. You mean to tell me a person can't go on a cruise and not have it for a few days. I thought weed isn't suppose to be addictive. Go Figure. And I surely don't think that people want someone on their cruise stone out of their mind, setting the boat a fire or going over board and causing the boat to make an emergency stop. Tell your friend to leave the weed at home and don't buy none in the islands because you'll be surprised which person selling weed is an actual seller or a undercover cop.

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