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Default Re: illegal substaces?

Some interesting yet naive answers.

You will not be thrown in jail for bringing a joint on board. Even in the harshest of countries it is a violation, lower than a misdemeanor. You will receive a fine and that is it.

I like the comparisons to the recovering alcoholics, the drunk teenagers, and the addicted gamblers throwing their money away. I really didn't hear any responses to those answers.

I'm not saying to bring it on board, I'm just stating the fact that you will not burn in hell, you will not rot away in a foreign prison "if you live through it" was one answer that I heard. I'm just stating the facts that there's a world for of hypochrites out there. They tell you how bad everything is while they puff on a cigarette (lung cancer) , swig a beer (cirrohsis (sp?) of the liver), cheat on their spouse (don't even need to touch that one).

Marijuana is a naturally growing plant. That's all, a plant that grows in a field. It's been here longer than man. It was not manufactured in a lab, or someone's basement. It was put here by the same being who created the earth.

Lighten up people. Live and let live. Stop to smell the roses. Toke up a doobie once in a while.

I bet the world would get along a lot better if everyone did.
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