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Default Re: illegal substaces?

Let's pick one country you might cruise to and look at how the law would be enforced .
In Jamaica, under the Dangerous Drug Act, possesion can result in a fine of up to $500,000 and up to three years imprisonment. That is for POSSESSION. More fun if you have it in quantity deemed to be for sale . Then there are laws about smuggling.
Look you guys smoke, don't smoke. Your choice. Don't try and equate it to chair saving
or drinking or any other act you find morally incorrect.
In the US it is illegal . On a cruise ship it will be treated as illegal. Even if the consequences are slight (which they are not , but let's presume they will be) the one consequence you do not want to deal with is to be standing before the magistrate to pay your little fine while the ship is sailing to the next port without you.
Travel to Denmark or Sweden or the Netherlands if you need to do weed when you travel.
Doing it on a cruise ship, knowing that harsh consequences are likely ,simply makes you stupid. Then again doing the drugs already makes you stupid, so what the heck , go for it.
Please everyone note the title of this thread "illegal drugs". There is nothing cute , funny,
or acceptable about the use of drugs. ANY DRUGS. Those of you who "use" will make excuses for it. You have already justified drug use in your own mind and morality.
Just remeber the title of this thread.
Happy Cruising to all.
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