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Default Re: illegal substaces?

I just don't get it...if getting high is what you want to do, why pick a venue where it is not really appropriate. There are a lot of children on board and the demographic is not really one of the Sunfest in Jamaica.

It is like going to Disney World and getting high.

If you are looking for a big crowd of pot smokers on a cruise ship, you are going to be sorely dissapponted. I would not appreciate you being in the cabin next to me on a balcony. I wouldn't turn you in, but I would hate to smell your smoke.

Please don't tell me that pot is mainstream in the USA because it is not. Most company's now have Drug Free workplaces. Also that age old...."it is not worse than drinking" thing bears no fruit. No one ever said drinking is good for you.

I just think that a cruise ship is the wrong place for the use of illegal, recreational drugs. I would not be pleased to have two stoned people at my table with the glazed over look. If you think others can't tell, you are wrong.


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