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permit at 14? thats crazy.. but yea, i live in nj and i just turned 17 so i got my license.. i think its later in like nj ny around here b.c of all the cities.. also the reason insurance costs so much.. my sister, whos 18, and i share my moms old car which is a 93 mercury sable (transmission is shot, it takes awhile to get up to speed ) but at the end of the summer we're selling it and i have to get my own car.. i already started looking and for the longest time i wanted a toyota prius.. its a hybrid which is cool.. and then my mom is like ur not getting a new car cuz first, i just got my license and 2nd i have no money (also the reason i got a job) then my mom showed by the ford escape hybrid and i've been dying for the end of the summer so i could see what the price is and my mom was like u could probably ask ur grandma for a loan and then pay her back with interest so i thought i was set.. but then the other day i was like i cant wait to get that car and shes like, uh, ur not getting that car.. i still understand why all of a sudden i cant get.. whatever.. so i started looking at used cars and i found a 2001 civic for $4000.. it says everything works, but that seems kind of low for a fairly new car.. i dunno what im gonna get tho.. but it really bothers me that some parents buy their kids a new car.. like, dude, let them learn how to fend for themselves.. get a job, earn some money, and if u have to drive a crappy car, well at least it moves..

that was so long and unnecessary (cuz u just asked what kind of car we have or will have) but whatever lol
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