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Default Re: how much should i pack?

waht cruise are you going on?? I am going on the Pride on july 17th!! This will be my fifth cruise and i always overpack although i am getting better everytime!!!
I always bring:
high heels
dressy sandals (casual and semi formal nights)
a pair of sneakers ( i usually get a new pair somewaht close to right before but i gotta break em in)
1-2 pairs of flip flops
i normally dont wear shoes so i have no idea why i would bring so many but whatever...most of the time i thow a pair of flip flops in ym beach bag and olny use em if i have to
in clothing i take
5-6 pairs of shorts and skorts (gym shorts are my favorite but i take others to)
2 pairs of capris
a belt that goes with everything
a pair of jeans (i am always cold)
3 skirts for dinner and shows ect
my black dress that i wear with stuff (it looks great over jeans for going out danceing and stuff)
my formal dress (i get a new one everytime this time it is a prom dress)
and another nice dress or a sundress
then i take like 5-6 tank tops and a bunch of t-shirts and stuff
and then i think i will be taking 3 swim suits...a bikini and 2 one peices
and then all my underwear and stuff!
good luck getting this all in...specailly with the airllines being so pickey about luggage weight!!!!
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