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Default Re: illegal substaces?

To answer the original question of this post. Yes people do smoke on the "boat"and as far as the penaties I dont know,....... never been caught.<VBG>just for the record don't smoke.
Seriously as in every city and that is what these mega ships are, there will be people who smoke, drink, have loud sex and whatever else you can think of. But as far as pot leading to bigger and better drugs I would have to agree with Thomas I know pleanty of people who have smoked and never did any other type of drug. Sure thier tolrance level has risen, so what used to take them one joint to get high now takes 3 but making a blanket statement that pot does lead to stronger drugs is not true for everyone. Just as I know people who have taken pills to get high have never smoke a joint in thier life everyones choice of a high is different. And as far as cocaine being a wealth mans drug again not true. Yes back in the eighties I would have to agree with that but cocaine nowadays is cheaper then a bag of pot. Why do you think we have so many people addicted to "CRACK" cocaine? Herorine(sp)? OC's?..... Pot is expensive......... Again I know but I don't buy it ..........
Oh and one more thing for all the people who are worried about how they will smuggle the a joint or 2 on board no need, just ask your cabin steward or anyone else who works on the ship they will know where to get you one or two.

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