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Default Re: Re: illegal substaces?

Mikey, Sorry but you are wrong. The use of an illegal substance like marijuana places people in the enviroment of other illegal substances and that can cause people to become involved in stronger drugs. Thi8nk about this, all pot smokers drank milk so by your theory drinking milk leads to drug abuse. I am dead set agaunst the use of illegal drugs and even the over use of alcoholic beverages but you are incorrect in many of your facts. Yes I do know what I am talking about as I was not only a Police Officer for many, many years, but also a Drug Abuse Specialist while in the US Navy and we studies illegal use of drugs, drug addicts, and every scientific paper that we could lay our hands on. Yes drug abuse is bad and wrong, not to mention illegal, but there is not proof that pot smoking has caused brain damage or leads to stronger drugs becuase of it's use. In addition, there is NO proof or even indication that our current President has ever used cocaine. When asked that question he replied that he would not answer such a stupid question which is probably the same reply I would give. It is a stupid question and not worth refuting. It is nothing more than a media trick that is often used and the President did not fall for it and that made them mad. End of story as there is no story. That said, I again state that the use of illegal drugs no matter what ones they are is incredibly stupid and should not be done.

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