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Default Hollister & American Eagle

I really don't understand why people like Hollister or American Eagle. The thing I hate about these brands is that they sell the image of a California lifestyle, which people seem to think that this is where they are all from.

It bothers me even more when people where "Made in California" graphic tee's and they were born in Florida or some other state and have lived there their entire life...doesn't make any sense to me since I was born in California, and I don't like it when people claim they are something they aren't.

And whats up with the claims of "Vintage" clothing. Do most of you people even know what vintage is in the fashion world? Just because a company prints "distressed" (yes thats what the style of print is called to get a fake vintage appeal) clothing doesn't mean its real vintage. Why don't you actually buy real vintage clothing rather than tee shirts that read of fake business that have never even existed?

Most everyone seems to be jumping on the band wagon of this "college wannabe look" or "california" look. I'm going to laugh when these brands get old and these people try to buy the next marketing ploy launched at them. Most you people seem to just buy whatever marketinge executives throw at you. I saw most everyone do this when Abercrombie & Fitch was the popular clothing line, which has since dropped in market share of the teenage demographic.

I don't know how you guyz can stand purchasing standard fabric and clothes. All you are buying are over priced cheap cotton clothing that wear out and degrade with time. I invest in quality and material. I buy clothes not because of the fact that everyone else is buying them, but because the brand has stood longer than these fad fashions. I laugh when most people don't even understand where there clothes come from. Hollister advertises there some of there tees are "Imported"...maybe thats because it was manufactured in a third world country...not the kind of imports you love.

So with all my frustration released yall can say ur opinions...
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