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Default Re: Re: Hollister & American Eagle

When you buy a clothing brand of course you like it, but yall don't understand that the reason why you like it is because of what the image the clothing company is portraying... that is why it is so appealing to you in the first place...because they marketed it to fit your psychographic.

If you haven't noticed they reached your you DO prefer the image of what Hollister or American Eagle are... thats where they received their image from. Their studies have shown that this is what many teenagers prefer to dress or look like, and these clothing companies come right out and say that yes we're offering a california appeal in clothing. If yall think you are buying something just because you like it... this is why:

Quote from Hollister Co. Website:
"Hollisterís leading the way with our hip, casual, and trend setting California styles"

So lol i have no idea where you guyz think that you are buying clothes from here just because it looks good...its because you like the image they sell... admit it. These executives love coming up with fads that yall buy into thats why they say "trend setting" because they know the teenage demographic is the most easliy influenced.

And whether you notice it or not you are more likely to purchase something that your peers already posses (the reason being why you occasionally see one of every four people within the demographic of 15-18 year olds wearing an article of Hollister and American Eagle clothing) notice this is where the term "trend-setting" comes from.

You have bought into a brand that is the "it" factor for the year and yall are hopping on like a crazed bunch of teeny-boppers. I can't believe most of you don't admit to it, even the companies know this (they publish annual information about themselves ya know).
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