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Default Re: illegal substaces?

I'm not going to get into the good/bad debate. I personally am not a smoker. All I know is that several of my old friends, and unfortunately some of my in laws, all go on and on about how harmless and no big deal and natural, and non addicting, and blah blah blah that pot is. They are all, well how should I say this....half of them are in and out of jail, have crappy jobs, which seem to change monthly, live in s**thole houses, are not really interested in carrying on an intelligent conversation, have troubled kids, and needless to say, about as sharp as a bag of hammers. And yes you are right, it never led them to any harder drugs, but it sure didn't lead them to the wonderful life either. This is just my personal experience. I guess it's all cool to go thru our partying stage, most people do. But when your 50 years old and still smokin it up, and doing the same thing you were in high school, you just look kind of stupid. Just my opinion. So I guess the original question was answered. Sounds like people DO smoke on board. If you smoke it at home, I guess you take a chance there too. I guess It's all about your priorities, and how much of a chance you want to take. Good luck, whatever you decide. If you are on my ship, I highly suggest you keep it away from my kids, because, THAT is my priority, and I guess we all have to do what we gotta do.
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