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Default Re: Hollister & American Eagle

ill goo get the magizine and type it word for word.....1 sec!, wow i jsut realized i was talking to myself. lol alright here it goes Cosmoplitan july 2004 issue: 'Why on earth do men have nipples?' "Strange as it sounds, it's because all guys begin life as girls."During the first six weeks in the womb, all fetuses develop as female and grow rudimentary genital tissue as well as nipples that have the potential to become functioning breasts," explains Randy Morris, a reproductive endocrinologist in Chicago. At the seventh week, however, sex cromosomes kick in, masculinizing the bodies of babies destined to be boys. "While the genital tissue grows the reproductive organs(penis and testes), the nipples are left as is, but without any biological function," Says Dr. Morris.

Dr. Morris does not lie...
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