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Default Re: illegal substaces?

The unfortunate thing is that those who think that bringing pot onboard and smoking it "in private" have no regard or respect for their fellow passengers, and how it might affect them. The disruption/delay that might be caused due to an arrest affects ME - and other equally-paying passengers....not to mention the obnoxious smell that is so very evident. The two "sweet young things" that were arrested and confined to their cabins for bringing pot onboard caused a three hour delay before we could get off the ship in St. Thomas. Many excursions were ruined, and our day was shortened to the point that many passengers didn't have time to take the ferry over to St. John. Your excuse for "illegal enjoyment" does not have the right to interfere with my "legal enjoyment". Yes - I'm one of those hard-working passengers who will turn you in. Consider the actual non-privacy of private balconies.
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