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Default Re: Hollister & American Eagle

I shop at American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie, Pac Sun..

I started shopping at these places jsut looking for Jeans, See im 5'7 and im all leg so finding jeans long enough is really tough, on top of that im pretty skinny so i need a slim fit, and these places seem to accomidate my figure.

I also enjoy there styles. I live in New Jersey and i wouldnt say im going for a "Cali" look. Ive never been to Cali, how the heckles so i know how they dress? I'm a pretty hardcore surfer, i do it every free chance i get May, through i gear myself to the "Surfer look" if thats what you call it..I call it a a tight tee, jeans, flip flops and a trucker hat and im out..

and these stores arent even expensive, i think there very moderately priced actually

<3 Susie
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