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Gary L Rounds
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Default Re: illegal substaces?

What can I say. Jim Bragg has it the most right on. Mikey will believe anything if it comes from an "online site". You have to decide.

I go to Mexico a lot (cruising and flying) and I can tell you one thing, you'll have a deep an abiding respect for our legal system if you ever find yourself in a Mexican jail.

The Mexican and Caribbean people get sick and tired of being BLAMED for our drug problem. As long as there is a demand for something, someone will always provide a supply. So it makes great press for them when they can arrest an American trying to purchase drugs in their country. Oft times the person that sells you the drugs is either an undercover cop or a "doper" like you working off his time in the pokey.

Here we have a right to a "fair and speedy trial"
In Mexico they can "detain" you for years why they are deciding what to charge you with (this will depend a lot on your attitude and the seriousness of your crime). Dopers usually have a pissy attitude. They appear very aloof to that Mexican cop who is working his butt off to make 80 pesos ($7) a day. He usually resents it too. This is not good for you ! !

Here we have a right to "reasonable bail"
In Mexico, since they know you probably wouldn't return for trial anyhow, they're concept of bail is tied to how much equity you or your parents have in their home. Or something else along that line (get the picture?)

Meanwhile your family and friends are frantically trying to hock everything they own to buy you special priviledges in the Mexican Hooskow (like food, blankets, clothing). Special priviledges might keep you away from a stinky grubby Hell's Angel doing life, that's suddenly taken a real liking to you and wants to sign on as your proctologist. The filth and squalor will be unbelievable to you and any night you get any sleep will be like a "day off".

So, Tia, you can rationalize all you want, pot is only illegal because it can be grown anywhere, it can't be controlled. and if it can't be controlled it can't be taxed and that's why its illegal and you'd probably be right. I would have to agree most heartily with those that say it doesn't necessarily lead to hard drugs, although I think the personality type that uses any illicit substance is also the type that would tend to experiment with hard drugs.

If you do get popped, Tia, and experience some or all of the above. When recalling it, there is one word that will crop up in every version of the story your friends, neighbors, fellow passengers and relatives relate - - STUPID! ! !

Just my opinion.

Gary :-)
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