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Default Re: Re: Anyone Cruisin Norweign Dawn 8/8?

hey...i am a 17 year old girl and i sailed on the Norwegian Dawn last July in 2003 and it was the BEST! Unfortanately i wont be on it with you but dont worry cuz there were like over 300 teens onboard the same week so you will definately find teens to hang and make friends with! the Dawn is such a great and FUN ship...your gonna love it!...oh p.s-when you go...if you go to the teen club and do the activities see if there is a counselor named Melissa W. cuz she was the teen counselor when i was on it and she was the BEST!..and if she is still on the Dawn let me know when you get back!..thanks! oh and one other thing...the best way to meet alot of teens is to go to the Teen Orientation that they have on the first night of the cruise! i hope you have as much fun as i did! if you have any other questions about the Dawn you can email me at
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