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Well, in St. Thomas, I would suggest going to the beach there. I can't remember what it was called b/c I didn't go, but some other people who were with us went and that was there favorite thing about the whole cruise. There's really not much to do in the Dominican Republic. We got back on the ship after about 2 hours. My brother and his best friend went snorkeling in Nassau. I went shopping at all three places. :-) Alright, here's the deal with the discos: I would suggest meeting up with people and then going into the teen disco (Spirals is the name of it) and trying to get it going. Otherwise, don't waste your time. Your older brother, on the other hand, could probable sneak into the Rex (the disco for 18+). I did, but it doesn't really get going until about 11:30. If you look and act old for your age, you may could get in. There's a back entrance that you can find by hearing the music. It's over by some bathrooms. They are usually checking id's at the front entrance though. Not always, but usually. They play pretty good music in both discos. People are usually "booty dancin" in the Rex. I don't know about Spirals dancin cuz nobody ever got that one going while I was in there. We tried, but failed. :-/ Really, you will only have as much fun as you let yourself. If you sit back and wait for the fun to come to you, you might be waiting a while. I mean, we had fun just swimming and hanging out and talking and stuff. We didn't have to have stuff to keep us occupied b/c we entertained ourselves. If you have a girlfriend back home, you might not have as much fun b/c you'll have to worry about staying faithful. Or you could just go by the motto of "What happens on a cruise stays on a cruise!" ! Just have fun and live it up!
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