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Default Re: MUSTER DRILLS horror stories

yea all the cruises ive been on the life jackets have been orange.... i dont remember but disneys was but ya ne wayz ive had 2 skary times.. on the victory my grandmom had passed out during the drill so when it was over n i started 2 talk bak down 2 my room 2 put the jakets in the room i saw her on layin down passed out on the deck... really scary 4 me ... another time was i was on the paradise i believe and we were docked in cozumel but i didnt know it n all of a sudden the sound they use for the drill went on n i got really really scared i thought we were sinkin n like i saw all these fire fighters on the ship n then i saw them start 2 lower the lifeboats into the water i was like freakin out like u would not believe
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