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yea i went thru all that stuff 2 the depression .. not so much the suicide ... but i knew i needed help .... ive seen a theropist all my life pretty much .. guess not the rite one but then 3 years ago i found 1 n im on the rite meds n im bak 2 my old self ... b4 the depression... i get my moments every now n again but im pretty much doin alot better... n it wasnt just depression that i had it was also social anxitey .. but again im alot better with that ... not as much as i usta have... i just wish my depression n anxiety didnt get as far as it did ... i was put into a partial program itz called horsham clinic didnt need 2 stay over nite or ne of that just the day program ... that 2 helped me out alot it made me do alot of thinkin n realized tons of stuff ... i usta b afraid 2 talk bout all this but now im not itz part of who i am n if ppl dont like that then tuff their missin out on a great person ... so if ne 1 wants 2 ever talk u'z can always im me Lilgchottie926 is my sn


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