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Default What is Everybody's Favorite Bands and Most Hated Bands

My FAVORITE band is Poison the Well. Also I like From Autumn to Ashes, Slayer, Chevelle, Led Zeppellin, Black Sabbath, the Steve Miller Band, Pink Floyd, Rush, and the Beatles to name a few. My most HATED bands are Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Yellow Card, Simple Plan, Taking Back Sunday, Senses Failed, Story of the Year, the Casulties, the Ramones, any punk music, any rap (except Eminem becuase he's hilarious and the craziest white guy i've ever seen), any teeny bopper music, WHICH I ABSOLUTLEY HATE) like Britney Spears or Ashley Simpson(the lip singer), and some country is all right but most of it is stupid.

What are everyone else's favorite bands?

I'm Out,

Hey I'm Sean, I've been on 2 cruises(wish it were more), and I'm a Freshman at James Madison University
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