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Default Wanna meet some girls

Hey all im going on voyager of the seas sometime i think in june and i wanna meet some girls or guys but mainly girls, im a guy i am 15 i love to lift weights and workout i can bench 250, i have a 6 pack, i play football,baseball,soccer,tennis and i do track. I might be made of muscles but that isnt all i have. I am a striaght B, A student in High school. I play the gutiar, i love to take girls on dates or just take them places well better put i love to spend time with them. I can cook mac and chesse that is about it. I love to give people stuff and i like to get stuff. My favorite bands are probaly Kiss, AcDc, Red hot chille peppers, tool and some classical. I love to dance and party and stuff, so anyone who is intrested in meeting me on voyager of the seas in june i will find out date my aim is DTCfirball and my email is
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