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I went on the Disney Magic from January 4-8 (Usually it is a 7 day, but there was a special 10 day Christmas cruise so they had to get back on the 7/14 day rotations) anyways it was the most fun I have ever had! It was our first cruise but we have gone to Disney World for the last like 10 years and Disney World isn't that much fun anymore. I wasn't all the psyched about going on a Disney Cruise because I figured it would be all little kids stuff and lame but it really wasn't! Don't get me wrong, there were A LOT of little kids, but there was plenty for teens. The Stack is a place to get away from annoying siblings and parents and it's a cool place to just hang out. The activites are geared more towards the night so if you aren't a night owl I would suggest a nap. My biggest suggestion would be to be very socialable. A lot of people are too scared to just walk up to someone at The Stack and say hi, but you have to or everyone will just sit around like a bunch of idiots. At Castaway Cay I would suggest the Teen Beach, whether you wanna swim or just lay out it is awesome to only be with teens. Be socialable and have fun! If you click with anyone on the ship make sure to get a screen name or something just to keep in touch. We are going to be going on another Disney Cruise sometime within the next year or two and I can't wait. I had so much fun!
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