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Default Re: Bad Cruise Experience?

YES: without a doubt
1. most of the time in the teen club no teens where in there n when they were they were youngins like they mixed it with 12-17 year olds which i didnt like..
2. alot of the things u have 2 pay for .. like johnny rockets, soda, ben & jerry's, the arcade prices r crazy... ne where from $1.00-2.00 for 1 game
3.the food wasnt that good.. they had the same thing everyday for breakfast... really didnt have that much for dinner or lunch well that i liked.. in the dinning room the waiter wasnt that good we told him we didnt like sumthing n he was like ok and walked away..
4. one of the guyz who worked on the ship like with the liquior was hittin on me n told me he would buy me ne thing i want 2 drink n i told him i was a minor considering im 17 i was afraid 2 leave my room becuz of him..
5.we had late dinner n we didnt get out until like 10:30 or 11:00.. so some advice for u'z if ur gonna go on this ship make sure u get early seating becuz the teen stuff starts around 9 n 10 like the ice breaker was at 10
6.they close down the ice cream at a certain time..
7.the shows werent the best ive seen.. but the ice skating show was pretty good..
8. yes they have skating, rock climbing , basketball, golf, but thats outside so if the weather is good then itz open but other wise itz closed... ice skating everytime we went there 2 ice skate the ppl where practiceing for the ice jammin show..

n on the sovereign : ive also had a horrible time on that... n sumwhere on this board is a discription of what i thought bout sovereign ... just dont feel like typing it rite now sry but ill get bak 2 ya on it later


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