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Default Dinning Room

Ok Lots of people have had questions about this and here's what I will report from my recent cruise.

First night everyone was allowed in dressed however, due to clothes maybe not arriving before dinner.

Formal night, people where in Shorts, Tux, Suits, Mix match outfits, you name it.

Every other night, lots of GROWN men was in Shorts, including khaki shorts and jean shorts, also lots of blue jeans.


So obviously dress code and rules don't matter anymore and that's a shame because it caused a couple of men, including my husband to question us wives forcing them to dress up if the other men could dress as they wished.

After 3 previous cruises, this was the first time ever I DID NOT tip the matre D' as I felt he really didn't care or try to in force the rules especially on formal night. A young man whom was seated at our table and who only came to dinner that one time on formal night came in a tight pair of black pin strip pants with a black shirt and tie not fix just hanging around his neck. A pimp style hat (which he didn't take off), Pieced lip, eyebrows and he threw his pack of generic brand cigarettes on the table and left them there the whole dinner. He could have taken off the hat. Not one things was said to him about this and the 3 elder ladies who also was sitting at our table didn't come back until we told them he hadn't came the next night. The girl and woman he was with came by themselves the first night and when brought to the table loudly said, "I don't know these people" DUH did she think carnival just had tables for each room. We never saw them after Formal night and we was thankful cause they was unfriendly.

I am still going to dress up each night and I will still make my husband and whoever travels with me to do the same ( I paid more attention this time because of reading post and wanted to report what I saw) but if you or someone with you wants not to then it seems not to be a problem with some of the maitre d' s as they don't care and don't turn people away.

Also, Last day of cruise in the dinning room for lunch 2 ladies around late 20's early 30's both came in with swim suits with a towel wrapped around the lower waist. Even though this is not suppose to be permitted in the dinning room, they was seated and not a word said to them.

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