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Default You all Lied...CRUISING SUCKS!

Just got back from the worst week of my life. I cannot see how any of you enjoy being trapped on a ship. If not mistaken, that's called prison. Oh, and the activities on the ship that are suppose to be "sooooo Great"....Bull ****! The food is no where near gormet, they just make it look pretty, but it tastes as if it's out of a can. If I wanted to eat like that, I would have stayed home and just ate at Souper Salad for every f-ing meal. I had to work for 6 months to get on that boat, and it only made me realize that it was a waste of money. Oh ya, the ports...hah...Key West: Has the worst beaches, has no culture what so ever, and is no fun if you are not the age of drinking....Cayman: cancelled b/c of the hurricane...Cozomel: nice beaches, still NO CULTURE, hobby of the locals is ripping off tourists (good thing i know spanish). I've was told after I got back that cruising is not for everyone, a good percentage infact. I wish I would have been told that before and went with the odds. Never EVER Again.
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