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Default Re: You all Lied...CRUISING SUCKS!

hahaha dan i love ya .. great come bak...

n yea aggie u r bitter... ive been on 10 cruises n i have 2 more booked.. n my second cruise wasnt the best but that didnt stop me from wantin 2 go on cruises.. i love them n think they r fun.. n there have been times were we couldnt dock at ports but thats 4 our protection .. wow they care.. n therez tons of things 2 do on ships .. itz how u make it .. if u sit there n b mizerable bout things then ur gonna have a horrible time.. u have 2 have an open mind ... i know that first hand.. but then i look bak n say ya know what it really was fun ... i dont know ne 1 who dont like cruising..
what ship did u go on ne wayz? .....


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