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Default Re: You all Lied...CRUISING SUCKS!

Gosh i understand why shes so bitter seeing as she worked so hard to go on a cruise its just unfortunate she picked the wrong cruise for her taste. I mean if she was goin on all these cruise websites listening to what people say about different ships and port she should have known what to expect. Also she was complaining about no culture at the ports she went ot well good luck finding culture at popular tourist destinations like key west and cozumel especially if you just go to the touristy and shopping areas you have to do your own in depth research to see the true side of these destinations. Personally i think cruising IS for everyone you just have to do alot of research and find what places and ships work best for you but everyone has at least bad cruise in their life (for example mine was on the disney wonder i still get chills when i think about it it was the absolute worst but anywayz) unfortunetly for her it was her first
but then again it didnt sound like she was making the best out of the wonderful oppurtunity she got to actaually go on a cruise there are tons of people who can only dream of goin on cruises and here she is complaining. Anywayz i hope her post doesnt convince any new cruisers out there not to cruise anymore because cruising is a really awesome experiance and if you have the oppurtunity dont pass it up

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