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Default Re: You all Lied...CRUISING SUCKS!

Wow... what a brat! What a bitter, selfish, brat! How DARE they not give her 5-star gormet food while they try to serve THOUSANDS of others on a budget and in the middle of the sea! How DARE they not go into Cayman cuz they were worried about the safety! How DARE they not allow her to drink, making sure she doesnt over-do it and wake up regretting it!
I think that this is the stupidest post. This site is OBVIOUSLY filled with people who love to cruise! So.... what does she expect to get outta here? I dun think that many people are gonna agree with what she posted.
She probably just stayed kept up in her room not talking to anybody and trying to make the worst out of an oppertunity that many people cant even DREAM of getting to do!

(ps... for anyone who doesnt get it... the whole 1st paragragh is total sarcasm) lol :P


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