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Default Re: Re: Question for ladies, Regarding shoes

This is my 3rd cruise....oh well...I guess we all have our own things and I love clothing....however, it is not my most important thing in life. I will probably end up taking 8 pairs of shoes. Not going to change me. And once again my post was not intended to debate about how many shoes I should bring. I just figured maybe someone had some good ideas about packing shoes so they dont get mushed in the luggage. Even though I am sure packed in the luggage won't hurt them it just annoys me. Maybe I will wrap them up in tissue paper. NOT MY TENNIS SHOES. Just the nice ones.

By the way....I don't really mind bringing a lot of stuff. I am EXTREMELY organized and I am using the space bags. I love bringing all my sample cosmetics and sample skin care. It really saves a lot of room.

I can't wait to go!!!


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