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Default Re: Question for ladies, Regarding shoes

Do any of you use shoe bags or do you just place them around in your luggage?

I to took so much on our first cruise, this time I'm packing very light.

My friend that is going with me this time came by yesterday and I had a space in my closet that I had the things I was taking already pick out and hanging there. She thought I was crazy with the cruise being 4 mos + away yet.

I'm taking the following for 7 day cruise , shoes 2, dress pair, 2 sandals and wearing tennis shoes, which is half from last time and I'm taking mix and match outfits, long slacks and shorts, due to the fact we are going New York to Canada in late September. 2 formal dress, swim suit & cover + undergarments and socks, hose.

And that's it girls, oh of course makeup bag and hair dryer and camera.
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