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Default Crazi, or funni stuff uve done on cruises

LMAO i went on Carnival Victory July 10 it was crazi, but my story was wen Me and these two guys i met went around one night at like 3 in the morning. We went around kicking doors lol cuz we were bored and didnt wanan go 2 sleep. Wee were like "room 345 WAKe up call motha f*cka" then kick the doors and ran. then it was funny wen we herd people talkin about it. Then wen we met more ppl and were frneds wit alot of them we got their room numbers "to call and hang out" lol and ended up kicking their doors to. no one new it was us till the second 2 last day wen we told. I hav some otha stuorries to tell but thats all for now haha

Whats ur crazi or funny story
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