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Default Re: This is just how I feel about it....

yes, I know that most of NO people are very poor. But a lot of the people that they are talking about who cannot leave are the ones who were able to.

ShaneMC316 made a good point when they said - "I also think that the Mayor of NO and the Gov. of LA are to blame! They had DAYS to prepared and evacuate as many people as possible, but the only solution was to stick them inside a big building at the BOTTOM of the city!"

Lisette. You are totally right about how they kept talking about the "big one" coming. And how people were tired of hearing it.

I was in the big flood of April of 1997 in North Dakota when the Red River flooded. I was young then. But when we were told to leave, we did. I remember my parents coming in at about midnight to say, "Get out of bed. We're going somewhere." "Then I replied, "Are we going on vacation?" Then I heard, "Yes. Sort of." Then my parents took my toddler brother and I down stairs and told us to take a quick look at it. It was weird to see all of our belongings up on cement blocks. I didnt know why. But then we were rushed out of our house. We traveled by car to the nearest safest town which was Fargo. We had to find an appartment that would house us and our 2 cats. That was hard. We moved around OFTEN. We even stayed with grandparents who had a small house a couple of states over for a couple of weeks. When we came back, we had 6 feet of water in our basement. We were never told how much water would come in. We thought that it would be small and prepared for that. Because people did what they were told to do, it was a lot better.

ps. ShaneMC316, I dont feel really comfortable giving out my email adress to people I dont know. You can ask me here though. Sorry.


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