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Default Re: Re: Dining Comparisons

Dinning experience is a lot more than good food and service. Dining room experience should be measured by “How much did I enjoy the it”. My best experiences have been with RCL. Not only was the food excellent, but the employees seemed to be trained to entertain, and socialize with the patrons. They’re happy, capable, and seek to make each dinning experience an unforgettable one.

I’ll be sailing on Hal this April, for the first time. I expect great food, excellent service, in an elegant setting. But I find it very difficult to believe I could have a more enjoyable time than the ones I’ve had on RCL. I’ll be expecting to have room service, and eating on the balcony, on HAL. Breakfast al fresco on the balcony won’t be hard to take.

All the people at our table (friends we met, while dining on the previous RCL cruise) Looked forward to the next dining adventure.

Also everyone I met on RCL cruises was always pleasant, and well behaved. The spirit is infectious.
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