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First, I wouldn't worry too much about a hurricane. The odds are against you having one the week you are sailing. If there is one however, your captain will sail around it, stopping at alternate ports if he has to. They are concerned about passenger comfort so you will book with them again. The seas may be rough, but you can get that any time of the year. just go prepared with the prescription patches or over-the-counter Bonine.
Now for the important! The Century will offer a alternate buffet to dinner in the dinning room during each meal. However, I wouldn't expect large shrimp, lobster, etc. Of course, you can always check out the buffet before you go to the dinning room and check out the dinning room menu prior to the meal to decide which one you prefer. When we cruised on the Millinium, some of the midnight buffets offered large shrimp and the grand buffet had lobster and other finer items. I think this was the final formal night of the cruise. (Maybe second to last night). Hope all my rambling helps out!
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