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Default Re: constellation food

Fabulous...fabulous...fabulous....just came off a 13-night to Canada/New England on the Connie and I didn't have a bad dining room meal on the entire trip.

We had a wonderful waiter...Magudel and whatever he recommended was perfect.

As far as getting a table for two, there are some but some of them are near the elevators where they go down for the food. See the maitre'de when you first there to see what he can do.

The buffet is wonderful...the best-kept secret is to go way in the back to sit. Nicer chairs. There's a fresh pasta bar and great sandwiches and salads way in the aft of the buffet.

Don't miss the Cova Cafe for its croissants, only in the morning hours, they are addictive.

Try the specialty restaurant at least once, if you like gourmet food. Call the day you go to pre-order the chocolate souffle for's wonderful.

Have a great cruise and don't worry about the food, it will be great.
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