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Gary D.
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Default Dining room etiquette

I can't express to people enough on the importance of being on time in the dining room. Not only is it important to be on time for the actual seating, but once you are sat, don't spend the first 15 or 20 minuets gabbing or table hopping. Save that for for all the social time after dinner in the casino, the disco or one of the many lounges. The waiters, bus-boys and cocktail servers are on a very tight schedule, and have a great many tables to attend to. It is very annoying when the waiter has to hear."oh i haven't decided, come back to me later", or can you come back ..i just got here"..There is a system to how the food is ordered, and how the plates of food are put together. It is a fine tuned machine, and when people are contunually late, or physically in the way of the service, that machine is thrown off considerably. (take the galley tour). Of course when the food comes out late, cold or slightly out of order, it is the people who caused the disruption who usually do the loudest complaining.
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