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Sorry if you took that in a wrong way!!! I was only trying to have a funny side. I think this is a great message board, but it seems like when anyone writes anything they get slammed. I was just stating my thoughts, not trying to offend anyone. I think Kuki does a great job trying to calm people down, I think everyone should remember what Kuki said everyone has a right to state their opinion. That does not mean we all have to agree, there are allot of things that I read here that I totaly disagree on, but I don't take it personally, just their thoughts on the subject.

Anyway, I think this a great message board and I have found allot of useful info for my trip. It seems like everyone enjoys to cruise, and everyone that I have ever meet on a cruise always seems to be a joy to be around, and I'm sure that goes for the fine people that come to this site. What I'm trying to say is since everyone seems to be very knowledgeable on cruising that we should respect each others comments and not jump down thier throats for what they post. Just a thought!!! Please don't respond if it is negative, I just wanted to say I'm sorry if my posting came off in a bad tune, I was not trying to do that.
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