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Just because you are gone 7 days does not mean you can't wear an outfit twice! Bring half the underwear, socks, shorts (4) but enough tops/t's for daily wear, 2 swim suits, one-coverup, 1 or 2 formal/dressy outfit, 4 pants/skirt or casual dress outfits, dockers & collared shirts for men/boys. Bring 1 pr. black dress sandals,. 1 pr. basic (gold, bone) shoes/flats/sandals for day or night, 1 pr. sneakers. Men 1 pr. dress shoes, 1 pair loafers or boat shoes, 1 pr. sneakers. Buy, plastic clothes hooks at Walmart $2. Rinse out socks, undies, t's as necessary in your sink with shampoo. Accessorize your evening outfits, shall, scarf, jacket top, etc. Men can wear the same slacks with a different shirt, etc. Let kids gather and pack their own suitcases. Use a backpack or secure tote bag, too that can also be used as a beach bag. Let kids bring a backpack. Put one change of clothes in backpack for changing into when you arrive on ship. Wear a nylon windbreaker which will also ward off rain showers. If you workout, wear a nylon jogging suit to travel in and you will already have your jacket, too. packing hints: Don't put all on one person's clothes in one suit case - put at least one dress outfit, one casual, one sports outfit, one swim suit plus undies, socks and shoes in the other person's luggage. If luggage is delayed or lost, it is usually only one bag. I witnessed a couples' garment bag that they walked to the pier take 3 months to be found! It contained all of their formal wear for a 2 week cruise. Check as much luggage as you can now with additional security. Carry-on's delay boarding and initiate security checks. Organize packing as well as possible. Include zip lock bags.
Use your collapsible tote for souvenirs, but put dirty laundry in it while on board ship.
Bon voyage
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