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Default Re: clothing for kids on formal night

I took 2 way radios for my son to keep in touch with me. I was with a group of 50. t everyone in my group loves to dress. A "cocktail" tpye pantsuit will be fine. My family took the trolley tour in Key West. $20 pp. The trolley allowed you to get off and on. The conch train doesn't allow you to get off and on. I think that it was the same price as the trolley, but I'm not sure. The ship has two video game rooms. We didn't do a tour in Cozumel. This was my second time there. I wanted to go snorkeling, but got sick the day we were in Cozumel. If you drink buy your alcohol at the duty free shop where the ship docks, it is cheaper than on the ship. Make sure you buy the vanilla flavor, you can get a big bottle for about $5.00. I'm sorry that I can't answer your questions about shore excursions. You can get one of the taxis driver to give you a tour. We never book shore excursions through the ship, always neg. with a taxi driver. The ship itself is nice. At diner we had no problem ordering seconds or thirds(lobster and Baked Alaska). I had a collapsable cooler inside my cheched luggage. I put sodas and bottle water in small suitcase with rollers that I carried on board. This saved us a lot of money. Our cabin steward kept the cooler filled with ice. Let your children explore the ship. You will
have only one formal night, Tuesday night. Getting off of the ship was a breeze. On previous cruises they had to keep calling for people to go to immigration, this time those who needed to go went without having to be called. If there is anyone traveling with you who can't stand for a long time get assistance to get on and off of the ship. There was several who needed assistance in my group. The tips are automatically placed on your sail and sign card. This is much easier than trying to get change. I took it off and the next day had it palced back on my card. Also, during dinner and lunch a few times I took my own soda to the dining room and had no trouble getting ice. If you have any more questions, I'll try to answer. The 2 way radios that I used was bell south 2 for $29.00. In Cozumel I got separated from my parents who had my son with them and we used the radios to locate each other.
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